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True Life (50/pkg)


This tract is designed to give to Muslims. It clearly presents the full gospel with bridges to make this tract relevant and informative. It presents witnesses to the validity of the Christian faith: God's Angels, God's Prophets, Jesus' Apostles, and Testimonies of Christians today.

"Lust, lies, evil desires, etc. separate you from a perfect and holy God. Your own conscience proves to  you that you are guilty of sin and that your bad deeds outweigh your good deeds. See this illustrated on the Deeds Scale. This leaves you hopeless. The consequence of sin is death."

"Believe that your good deeds, including practicing the pillars of faith, are not sufficient to merit peace with God. (Eph. 2:8-9)"

"Your only hope is God's forgiveness of your sins through Jesus Christ."

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